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Lou Andreas-Salomé[ANDREAS-SALOMÉ,_LOU]


Ville de résidence: St. Petersburg - Rusia
A une langue maternelle A une langue maternelle

Biographie Lou Andreas-Salomé

Site web personnel Lou Andreas-Salomé

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Prière :
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Prière à la Mort :
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Toi, ciel clair au-dessus de moi :
Poèmes 2008-07-20 (5687 affiches)

Vieille Russie :
Poèmes 2008-07-20 (5226 affiches)

Volga :
Poèmes 2008-07-20 (7470 affiches)

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Biographie Lou Andreas-Salomé

Lou Andreas-Salomé (née Louise von Salomé) (February 12, 1861 in St. Petersburg – January 5, 1937 in Göttingen) was a Russian-born psychoanalyst and author. Her diverse intellectual interests led to friendships with a broad array of distinguished western luminaries, including Nietzsche, Wagner, Freud, and Rilke.

Lou Salomé ( born Luíza Gustavovna Salomé - Луиза Густавовна Саломе) was born in St. Petersburg to an army general and his wife. Salomé was their only daughter; she had five brothers. Although she would later be attacked by the Nazis as a "Finnish Jewess," her parents were actually of French Huguenot and Northern German descent.
Seeking an education beyond a typical woman's station of that time and place, when she was seventeen Salomé persuaded the Dutch preacher Hendrik Gillot, twenty-five years her senior, to teach her theology, philosophy, world religions, and French and German literature. Gillot became so smitten with Salomé that he planned to divorce his wife and marry her. Salomé and her mother fled to Zurich, so she could acquire a university education. The journey was also intended to be beneficial for Salomé's physical health; she was coughing up blood at this time.

At the age of 74, Lou Andreas-Salomé ceased to work as a psychoanalyst. She had developed heart trouble, and in her weakened condition had to be treated many times in hospital. Her husband visited her daily; it was a difficult situation for the old man, who was himself quite ill. After a forty-year marriage marked by illness on both sides and long periods of mutual non-communication, the two grew closer. Sigmund Freud himself recognized this from afar, writing: "this only proves the permanence of the truth [of their relationship]." Friedrich Carl Andreas died of cancer in 1930. Lou Andreas-Salomé had to undergo a difficult cancer-related operation herself in 1935. On the evening of the 5th of February, 1937 she died of uremia (kidney failure) in her sleep. Her urn was laid to rest in her husband's grave in the Friedhof an der Groner Landstraße (Cemetery on Groner Landstrasse) in Göttingen. A memorial plaque on the newly-renovated ground floor of her home, a street named "Lou-Andreas-Salomé-Weg" (Lou-Andreas-Salomé-Way), and the name of the institute for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy "(Lou-Andreas-Salomé Institut") commemorate the contributions of this former resident of Göttingen.

A few days before her death the Gestapo confiscated her library (according to other sources it was an SA group who destroyed the library, and shortly after her death). The pretense for this confiscation: she had been a colleague of Sigmund Freud's, had practiced "Jewish science," and had many books by Jewish authors in her librar

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