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Naim Araidi[NAIM_ARAIDI]


Ville de résidence: Kfar Mar`ar, Israel
A une langue maternelle A une langue maternelle

Biographie Naim Araidi

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Ainsi :
Poèmes 2005-05-18 (7274 affiches)

David accompagne Jonathan :
Poèmes 2005-05-18 (6575 affiches)

La Galilée :
Poèmes 2005-05-18 (7154 affiches)

Nouveau retour au village :
Poèmes 2005-05-18 (6266 affiches)

Pessah et Ramadan à Jérusalem, 1994 :
Poèmes 2005-05-18 (7853 affiches)

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Biographie Naim Araidi

Naim Araidi was born in 1950, in the Druze village of Marrar in the Galilee. He went to Hebrew school in Haifa, and continued to a PhD in Hebrew Literature. He teaches in Haifa and has published numerous books of poetry and prose both Arabic and Hebrew. He has been awarded the Prime Minister's Award; The Creativity Prize for Arabic Literature; and an honorary PhD from the World Academy for Arts and Culture. A book of poetry entitled Back to the Village is available in English

The first poetry book published in 1972 and others: Back into the village, 1986 - Perhaps this is love, 1990 - Five dimensions, 1991
Soldiers of water,1988 (prose) Fatal baptizing, 1992 (novel), Still - run deep, 2003 (poems). He has been translated into many languages.

Books Published in Hebrew

Is Love Possible [poetry), Eked, 1972 [Eich Efshar Leehov)
Compassion and Fear [poetry), Eked, 1975 [Hemlah Ve-Pahad)
Return to the Village [poetry), Am Oved, 1986 [Hazarti El Ha-Kefar)
Perhaps it`s Love [poems ), Sifriat Ma`ariv, 1990 [Ulai Ze Ahava)
In Five Dimensions [poetry), Sifriat Poalim, 1991 [Be-Hamishah Meimadim)
Fatal Baptism [novel), Bitan Publishing, 1992 [Tevilah Katlanit)

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