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Renée Vivien[Renée_Vivien]


Ville de résidence: Londra
A une langue maternelle A une langue maternelle

Biographie Renée Vivien

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A la Bien-Aimée :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4724 affiches)

A la femme aimée : Etudes et préludes
Poèmes 2006-08-21 (7712 affiches)

Bacchante triste : Etudes et préludes
Poèmes 2006-08-21 (6547 affiches)

Chair des choses : Sillages
Poèmes 2006-08-21 (5420 affiches)

Chanson :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4474 affiches)

Essentielle :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4436 affiches)

Fête d’Automne :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4212 affiches)

Je connais un étang :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (3948 affiches)

Le Palais du Poète :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4015 affiches)

Le Poète :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4116 affiches)

Let the dead bury their dead :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4566 affiches)

Mon Paradis :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (4340 affiches)

Ondine :
Poèmes 2006-08-30 (4882 affiches)

Petit Poème érotique :
Poèmes 2006-08-29 (6106 affiches)

Poème d’amour :
Poèmes 2006-08-30 (4446 affiches)

Roses du soir : Evocations
Poèmes 2006-08-21 (5560 affiches)

Ta royale jeunesse a la mélancolie : Evocations
Poèmes 2006-08-21 (5712 affiches)

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Biographie Renée Vivien

Renée Vivien, born Pauline Mary Tarn (11 June 1877 - 18 November 1909) was a British poet who wrote in the French language.[1][2] She took to heart all the mannerisms of Symbolism, as one of the last poets to claim allegiance to the school. Her compositions include sonnets, hendecasyllabic verse, and prose poetry.

Vivien was born in London, England to a wealthy British father and an American mother from Jackson, Michigan. She grew up in Paris and London. Upon inheriting her father's fortune at 21, she emigrated permanently to France.

In Paris, Vivien's dress and lifestyle were as notorious among the bohemian set as was her verse. She lived lavishly, as an open lesbian, and carried on a well-known affair with American heiress and writer Natalie Clifford Barney. She also harbored a lifelong obsession with her closest childhood friend and neighbor, Violet Shillito – a relationship that remained unconsummated. In 1900 Vivien abandoned this chaste love, when the great romance with Natalie Barney ensued. The following year Shillito died of typhoid fever, a tragedy from which Vivien, guilt-ridden, would never fully recover.

Vivien was cultivated and very well-traveled, especially for a woman of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. She wintered in Egypt, visited China, and explored much of the Middle East, as well as Europe and America. Contemporaries considered her beautiful and elegant, with blonde hair, brown eyes flecked with gold, and a soft-spoken androgynous presence. Before the manifestations of illness, she was well-proportioned and fashionably slender. She wore expensive clothes and particularly loved Lalique jewelry.

Her Paris home was a luxurious ground-floor apartment at 23, avenue du Bois de Boulogne (now 23, avenue Foch) that opened onto a Japanese garden. She purchased antique furnishings from London and exotic objets d'art from the Far East. Fresh flowers were abundant, as were offerings of Lady Apples to a collection of shrines, statuettes, icons, and Buddhas.

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