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 =  Thank you Nia...
Romulus Campan
[08.Jan.13 10:13]
Hi Eugenia,

Thank you very much for recommending my text!

Wishing you a bright day:-)

With friendly respect,


 =  Today is Sunday
[20.Mar.13 18:50]
Dear Romulus A little present from Nazım

Today is Sunday

For the first time today they took me out into the Sun
And I for the first time in my life
I was bewildered
The Sky so far away from me
This much blue
This much wide
I stood motionless
Then with respect I sat on the ground,
I leaned my back against the wall
At this time nor to fall into the waves
At this moment nor a fight, nor freedom, neither my wife
Earth, Sun and I
I am Fortunate.

Poem by: Nazım Hikmet Ran 1938
Translation by: Günsel Djemal ELÜSTÜN 18.03.2013

This poem of Nazım is written in 1938, at Central Command Prison, Ankara, Turkey
The first studies of this poem, were found in poets small note book with his handwriting:

 =  Great Heart
Attila Elustun
[18.Mar.13 22:51]
Dear Romulus

This is the Truth of Nazım! Thanks for your pen and I am kiss you from your Great heart.

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